White glove property management services.

It takes a lot of work – and a lot of professional experience – to properly manage a residential rental property. At Wick Mullins, we take the work off of your hands with full service “white glove” property management services for private owners and investors. What that means is we handle every aspect of managing residential property, including all the things you don’t want to have to do. We find and manage tenants, collect and disburse funds, schedule and manage repairs and maintenance, perform periodic interior and exterior inspections as needed, and make sure your property stays in top condition.

Financial Management: We collect your rent every month, making sure tenants pay on time and in full. We accept all forms of payment from tenants and deposit payments directly into your bank account. We also provide detailed monthly accounting statements and customized periodic profit and loss reports.

Compliance: Rental properties have to meet certain legal criteria, depending on the jurisdictions that govern your property. We make sure your property meets all legal requirements, including building codes, permitting, occupancy inspections, and special issues such as disability. And as Texas Realtors, we also make sure your leases and tenant policies meet all anti-discrimination regulations.

Leasing and Tenant Relations: We use TREC leases and forms and manage all paperwork and document processing, and have strict written collection and enforcement policies. If there are issues with tenants, we handle them with care and professionalism, including evictions when necessary. We also supervise move-ins and move-outs, ensuring all lease conditions are met or dealt with appropriately.

Repairs and Maintenance: Wick Mullins maintains a 24-hour service request line for routine or emergency repairs and maintenance, and we coordinate any necessary work with qualified, licensed suppliers and service providers. We have systems in place to handle owner approval and payments for services. For repairs under $200, we handle them automatically and collect reimbursement after; for over $200 we obtain prior authorization.

So contact Wick Mullins today to talk about managing your rental home!

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