Let Wick Mullins give you a competitive edge.

Houston is full of Realtors, so why choose Wick Mullins to sell your home? Whether you are a management client of ours or not, having a Realtor with property management experience on your side gives you a number of significant advantages over sellers who don’t.

If we are currently managing your property, we know it’s being properly maintained. We’re already familiar with the home, and chances are we’ve listed as a rental at least once. That means we have observed and documented how your property has been received in the market. We know what’s been done as far as upkeep and repairs, and we know if it has any competitive weaknesses that need to be addressed. We also often have ready access to repair records that will be necessary in seller’s disclosures. And we may even have buyers that are already interested in your home, including current tenants.

Our management company gives us ready access to all the home repair and curb appeal service providers you might need to get your home in shape to sell quickly, at the top of the market. We even have our own maintenance and service company to do repairs ourselves, if you like.

The Wick Mullins Realty team is made up of seasoned Realtors with years of experience handling property sales in your area. Our principals are high producers who know all areas of Northwest Houston, from Katy to Cypress, from Tomball to Spring, and from the Heights to The Woodlands.

So whether we manage your home already or not, we’re ready to help you sell. Contact Wick Mullins today to list your home.

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