Wick Mullins was started in 1980 by husband and wife team Sue Wick and Eddie Mullins. We focused exclusively on home sales until the real estate downturn of 2008, which fueled explosive growth in the rental market, but left thousands of homeowners needing help monetizing their investments. Seeing a large market expand nearly overnight, we pivoted toward rental management services, and within a few short years, built our property management portfolio to 175 single family homes.

In 2013, Sue and Eddie hired Michelle Collins and Lisa Self (Sue’s daughter) to help manage their growing inventory of homes, and in 2016, Michelle and Lisa were given the opportunity to purchase the business and let Sue and Eddie retire. Soon after, Sue’s son B. J. Cobb came on board to run the Wick Mullins maintenance division.

Wick Mullins is a family owned and operated business. We take great pride in that fact, and we are all heavily invested in doing the best job we can for you. Our mission is to give our owners the highest level of personalized, “white glove” service possible.

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