Bringing out the value in your rental property.

Whether you’re a private homeowner or a real estate investor, your residential rental property is a critical asset, and to yield the most value, it needs to be managed properly. Our services deliver sustainable value in terms of cash flow, maintenance costs, occupancy and property appreciation.

A well-managed rental home makes money month over month under virtually every market condition. By helping ensure consistent occupancy, we help maintain continuous positive cash flow. We’re not only property managers, we’re active Texas Realtors®, so we can directly support leasing your properties without needing to involve third parties. And by providing accurate and timely financial management, we can work with your financial advisors to support gaining the most beneficial tax advantages possible.

Good management also means keeping your property in top condition so physical deterioration doesn’t impact your home’s long-term value. Homes managed by Wick Mullins generally sell for top dollar, after having generated income for their owners over the life of our engagement.

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Leveraging a growing rental market

The rental market has been increasing for several years and is expected to continue to grow. It’s a good time to take advantage of the increase and maximize your cash flow, while allowing your home to increase in value. With credit tight and home values soft, more and more people are choosing to rent, meaning rental rates are being maintained at historically high levels.

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