Making sure your home stays in top condition.

Initial and periodic inspections ensure your home is maintained in top condition at the beginning of each lease, during periods of tenancy and after tenant move-out.

Once a property is evaluated and made ready to be offered on the market, we perform an inspection to document its condition. Our inspections include photo and video documentation as well as checklists with a statement of condition for each material component of your home. We check functional features such as plumbing, A/C, heat, and appliances. We document the condition of flooring, walls, doors and other features that can be damaged by misuse. We document the condition of the lawn and landscaping, and the exterior of the home, and we make sure the home is clean, orderly and in shape for your tenants.

Upon move-in, we require tenants to verify the condition of the home using a thorough checklist that covers every detail.

While your home is occupied, we conduct periodic inspections to make sure agreed tenant maintenance is being performed and that the condition of the home is being maintained. Based on what inspections reveal, we take whatever corrective action is warranted.

When tenants move out, we inspect your home again, making sure they leave it in exactly the same condition it was in when their lease begun.

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